One of the most rewarding aspects of this project was the kindness and generosity shown me by other fans of Peter Green’s music.  When I told people of what I was attempting to do, to a person, they extended their hands in friendship and offered to help in any way that they could.

This included sharing rare recordings and printed contemporary accounts, and just as importantly offering their support and encouragement.  I volleyed many an e-mail back and forth across the globe as my correspondents and I struggled to nail down a date, or the provenance of a particular recording.

This section (which I hope will grow over time) will be used to “fill in the blanks” in the book(s); information that I didn’t have at the time of publication.

Corrections to any errors that appear in the book(s) will be placed under the “Errata” section.


  Volume 1

 Appendix Two – Songs of Unknown Origin

                 The first three songs in that appendix, ‘Make A Little Love’, ‘The Sky Is Crying’ and ‘Shake Your Moneymaker’, have I believe been confirmed as having been recorded on May 07, 1968 at the Falkoner Center, Copenhagen, Denmark.

This information comes from Bert Ockers.

He relayed that when the tracks were torrented in 2015, the person posting them wrote, “I originally discovered the master reel and transferred it myself to DAT 20 years ago. Those 3 songs were all that was recorded with Fleetwood Mac.

There are samples also of the Fugs and Ten Years After from the same night. The longest part is TYA and that might be the complete for their part.”

The person who made those recordings was Henry Björklund (see blogs, John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers, Folkeparken, Gavle, Sweden, February 22, 1967 & Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, Folkets Hus, Kongresshallen, Stockholm, Sweden, May 10, 1968)

Mr. Björklund had not only the good fortune to see these bands live, but also to capture a series of rarely played songs (I’m sure these instances are not the only time these songs were played, but to my knowledge, he is the only one to capture them on tape).

Volume 2

Chapter Nine

Print Edition, “Chapter 20” (September – October 1969)

At the time of publication I was unable to determine the song performed at the September twenty-eighth taping for the Peter Sarstedt Show (broadcast October twenty-second).  British researcher Ashley Wood has since found information confirming that it was ‘Oh Well Part 1’.

Thanks to Ashely Wood

  Volume 3

Chapter Four

Print Edition, “Chapter 25


“All my trying is up, all you’re bringing is down” – March 1970

             At the time of publication, I was unable to identify the venues for two of the band’s shows during their 1970 European tour.  Bela Swardmark Stephens of the Blue Pearls informed me that according to Dinky Dawson (“Life on the Road) the venues were:

March 14, 1970 Londerzeel – Belgium, Egmont Complex

March 24, 1970 Nuremburg, West Germany, Meistersingerhalle

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