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These three volumes form a definitive reference guide to all of the recorded music, performed by British guitarist Peter Green as a band member, band leader, solo artist and guest musician during the years 1966 to 1973.

Every official release on 45 or LP, including all available out-takes and alternates from those sessions; and his guest session work with other artists. All of the surviving performances recorded for BBC radio and television. (the majority of which have never been officially released). And most importantly, every known concert performance captured on tape, (including five club shows as a member of John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers recorded in 1967).

For fans of British Blues, it is these live recordings, unknown to the general public, that represent the true, secret history of Peter Green and Fleetwood Mac.  These are the performances that earned Green his place on the musical Mount Olympus beside such contemporaries as Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton.

From the Peter B’s to the Bluesbreakers; Fleetwood Mac (the work of his bandmates Jeremy Spencer and Danny Kirwan is provided equal attention during this period); to the first recordings released under his own name.  Also covered, his guest session work with Eddie Boyd, Duster Bennett, Otis Spann, Peter Bardens, Memphis Slim, Country Joe McDonald, Clifford Davis, Toe Fat and others.

Across the three volumes, 1,000 performances of 378 individual songs are detailed and reviewed.

Not simply an encyclopedic catalog of song titles and dates, the recording sessions and concerts are placed in proper chronological order; knotted tour histories are untangled; recording dates, song titles and composer credits are corrected and the ever proliferating conflicting and contradictory stories told over the years are compared and placed alongside the known facts. And while the focus of these three volumes is on Green’s music, strict chronology allows the reader to easily follow his development month by month, year by year and trace his influences (special attention is devoted to the songs not written by him, uncovering their origins and the ways in which he drew on them in developing his own sound).

At a combined total of over 1,100 pages, these three volumes offer a “biography” of an artist through the study of the music that inspired him and the work that he created during one of the most productive periods. The bulk of the music reviewed in these three volumes was originally recorded fifty years ago, yet it is still being first “discovered” by listeners old and new on a daily basis.  It is my hope that this book will provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of Green’s music for both long-time fans and those just now learning of this “hidden” treasure.

Volume 1 Information

  • ISBN: 978—0—9983225—06
  • Digital eBook: 430 pages
  • Published: 2017
  • Available in: English
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Publisher: eBookConversion

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The Author

A lifelong fan of film and music, I came late to the music of Peter Green (in the mid-nineteen nineties when I was already in my thirties).

Whereas most people tell of “discovering” blues music by tracing back the origins of the songs performed by their favorite rock artists and bands, I discovered Peter Green in the opposite way.  It was my interest in blues music that first led me to him some twenty years ago.  A blues show on the radio did an episode devoted to British blues and that was where I first heard Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac.  That four song introduction led to me mailing first audio cassettes, then CDs and finally sharing MP3 files around the globe.

I have been researching and writing this material for over decade, initially as a way to gain a greater understanding of the music that so moved me.  Over time it became a way for me to give back to the community of fans, sharing what I’ve learned. It is my hope that have successfully translated my passion for Green’s music into a style that is both entertaining and educational, and that it will spur others to delve deeper not only into the music of Peter Green, but also the music that inspired him

-Rich Orlando

Sample of A Love That Burns

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A Love That Burns
A Peter Green Biography

Peter Green was an influential figure in the British blues movement and one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

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Peter Green was an influential figure in the British blues movement and one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

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