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Celebrating the Music of Otis Rush and His Influence on British Blues – Part One

Otis Rush was born in Philadelphia, Mississippi on April 29, 1934.  He moved with his family to Chicago at the age of fourteen and got his break twelve years later when Willie Dixon (who had left Chess Records to work ...

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The First Single (Part 1) – The A-Side: ‘I Believe My Time Ain’t Long’

Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac made their public debut on August 13, 1967 at the 7th Annual Jazz, Pop, Ballads & Blues Festival at the Royal Windsor Racecourse in Windsor, Berkshire. Although attendance for the ...

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Peter Green & Lightnin’ Slim – Trying So Hard To Forget

Researching, writing, and revising this book (rinse and repeat) took me roughly ten years.  When I was finally able to let out into the world to share with like-minded fans, it was the end of one phase of a lifelong ...

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