Addendum: A “New” recording of ‘Oh Well’

The “new” (unfortunately incomplete) recording came to my attention as I was making my way through one of the three collections of “unreleased” BBC recordings that were posted to YouTube early in 2022.  I thank Dutch Greenologist Gert Jan Kuiper for bringing those collections to my attention.  Two of the collections were identical with one […]

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Addendum: Previously unreleased performance of ‘I Have To Laugh’

In March of 2022, Dutch Greenologist Gert Jan Kuiper tipped me off to two compilations of Fleetwood Mac BBC recordings that were recently posted to YouTube. The first, posted March 01, 2022 was titled “Fleetwood Mac 1969-1970 Complete Unreleased BBC” Consisting of sixteen titles, a few had in fact not been in wide circulation […]

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