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Peter Green and the Sonny Boys I & II – Part I

Peter Green is rightfully considered one of the greatest guitarists to come out of the British Blues scene of the mid-to-late sixties but as we celebrate his seventy-second birthday (born October 29, 1946) I’d like to ...

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They Called It ‘Stormy Monday Blues’ Part 2 – John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers – Clapton & Green

In 1965 there were new recordings of T-Bone Walker’s song released in the U.K. in August, September and October. There was also a live performance of the song by John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers caught on tape in ...

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“Alternate” version of ‘Stone Crazy’

Imagine a man.  Imagine you are viewing him from a great height, a God’s eye view.  Despite his tiny size, you can see him shaking his fist at the sky and hear his wordless (squeaking) roar against the capriciousn...

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