Influences: Lightnin’ Slim

Peter Green – Trying So Hard To Forget Researching, writing, and revising (rinse and repeat) my books on the music of Peter Green took me well over ten years.  When I finally released them into the world to share with like-minded fans, it was the end of one phase and the beginning of another.  In […]

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Multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer Duster Bennett was born September 23, 1946.  Bennett is fondly remembered by all who knew him and retains a passionate fan base, but he deserves to be better known.  Despite releasing three LPs and five singles during his tenure with the Blue Horizon label (1968 – 1970) a “commercial breakthrough” forever eluded […]

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Six New Releases of Vintage Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac in 2019 An Overview

2019 saw the beginning of what will surely be a “Classic Rock” goldrush as companies large and small hope to cash in on the expiration of the fifty-year copyright protection (in the U.K.) of musical performances and broadcasts from 1969 forward.  Five different CD collections, and one vinyl exclusive, ranging from no-frills single discs to […]

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