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Walter Horton recordings of ‘If It Ain’t Me’ / ‘Baby I Need Your Love’ / ‘I Need Your Love’ / ‘That Ain’t It’ April 2021 marks the centennial of Walter Horton’s birth (April 06, 1921). While not as celebrated as Little Walter or either of the two Sonny Boys, this has less to do with […]

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Classic Singles – Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac’s Debut Part 1 –

The A-Side: ‘I Believe My Time Ain’t Long’ Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac made their public debut on August 13, 1967 at the 7th Annual Jazz, Pop, Ballads & Blues Festival at the Royal Windsor Racecourse in Windsor, Berkshire. Although attendance for the Sunday shows are estimated at about 15,000, the band would truly introduce themselves […]

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