Review: Fleetwood Mac in Chicago January 4 TH 1969 The Legendary Chess Blues Sessions – (Schiffer Publishing 2022) Jeff Lowenthal and Robert Schaffner

“Sherman, set the controls on the Way Back Machine to Chicago, the Chess Studios, January fourth, 1969” All books, whether fiction or non-fiction serve as “time machines”, allowing us to vicariously experience the ancient, or recent past; speculative futures or imagined worlds and realms. “Fleetwood Mac in Chicago January 4 TH 1969 – The Legendary […]

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Addendum: Danny Kirwan – The Boilerhouse Acetates Part 4 –

‘Silly Mean Old World’ & ‘Tell Me Mama’ The last two titles that Boilerhouse recorded are both variations of existing songs. T-Bone Walker’s ‘Mean Old World’ recorded in 1942 but not released until 1945, is considered a milestone in the history of electric guitar. It was covered by B.B. King in 1964 and by Otis […]

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