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B. B. King – A Celebration of his life and music

Early in 2008, eighty-two-year-old B.B. King, an age at which most performers have either long since retired or a simply coasting on their laurels, went into the studio with a producer whom he had never met, and no ...

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Michael Bloomfield – Remembered

Michael Bloomfield, born this day in 1943, was one of the first American guitar heroes. Of course, there were others before him; Les Paul, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, but as integral as the guitar was to their appeal, ...

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If You Wanna Be Happy – released March 11, 1966

Peter Green’s first recording was released on March eleventh 1966.  He was the lead guitarist and one of the “voices” book-ending the Peter B’s cover of ‘If You Wanna Be Happy’. There is little surviving ...

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