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Roots and Branches – ‘Woke Up This Morning (My Baby She Was Gone)’ to ‘Rollin’ Man’

Special thanks to Jimmy Dukes for bringing this to my attention – Recorded in December of 1952, B.B. King’s ‘Woke Up this Morning (My Baby She Was Gone)’, was his first release for the year 1953. B.B. ...

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‘Mean Old World’ – 1968 Part II

Just eleven days after performing the number at the Middle Earth Club, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac were in the BBC’s Maida Vale Studio 5 to record the track for a three-part survey of the Blues in Britain put ...

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“Alternate” version of ‘Stone Crazy’

Imagine a man.  Imagine you are viewing him from a great height, a God’s eye view.  Despite his tiny size, you can see him shaking his fist at the sky and hear his wordless (squeaking) roar against the capriciousn...

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