All Over Again (I Got a Mind to Give Up Living) Part 3

There are eleven known Fleetwood Mac performances of the number, (ten are available) of this number, all captured within a twelve month period, from March of 1969 to April of 1970.

The first three are from March, April and May of 1969.

The last was done for a BBC broadcast for which none of the three songs is known to exist.  It is more the shame as it would have been interesting to hear how Green handled the number under the watchful eye of the BBC engineers.  Did Spencer play piano on it?  That could have changed the number dramatically.  As would the most likely shorter running time.

In fact, the next available recording, done for Norwegian television, is the shortest version that we have (and for me, one of the least satisfying).

This is also the first of four all recorded within about a week in November of 1969.

There are two recordings from January of 1970, one from the fourth, and the other from the thirty-first.  These are the two longest performances caught on tape, with the latter, from The Warehouse in New Orleans the longest at just over eight minutes and a definite fan favorite.

The final two were captured about a week apart, with the last being a one of most affecting.

I am interested in hearing your thoughts on the different versions; those mentioned and any you may know of that you believe deserve greater exposure as well as the ten available Fleetwood Mac performances.

Recordings discussed:

B.B. King –

All Over Again’ (2:35)

Recorded March 03, 1965 – ABC- Paramount single, released September 1965

Released on LP “His Best: The Electric B.B. King” (1968)

Live television performance, from Ralph Gleason’s Jazz Casual 1968


Paul Butterfield Blues Band –

I Got a Mind to Give up Living’ (6:36) Recorded live at the Unicorn Coffee House, Boston MA May 1966 – Released on “Got a Mind to Give up Living – Live 1966” (Real Gone Music 2016)

I Got a Mind to Give up Living’ (4:57) – Released on “East-West” (1966)


Black Cat Bones –

‘Got a Mind to Give up Living (11:09) – said to have been recorded at The Marquee Club 1968

Released on “Marquee ‘68” (bootleg)


Fleetwood Mac –

I Got a Mind to Give up Living

College of Distributive Trade, London March 14, 1969

(possibly) Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden April 01, 1969

BBC broadcast, World Service, “Rhythm & Blues” recorded May 14, 1969 –

broadcast June 02, 1969 –

not in circulation as official or bootleg release as of this writing

Njardhallen, Oslo, Norway November 03, 1969 (filmed for broadcast by NRK)

Konserthuest, Stockholm Sweden November 04, 1969

(unknown origin) – probably recorded during winter Scandinavian tour, November 1969

Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland November 11, 1969 (late show)

Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA January 04, 1970

The Warehouse, New Orleans, LA January 31, 1970

Konzerhaus, Vienna, Austria March 25, 1970

Konserthuest, Stockholm Sweden April 01, 1970

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